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The Private diary of Edmund Irvine

Well today I woke up and read Autosport. I saw an ad with a nice looking babe, which got me happy early, but then I saw some quotes pronounced by that fellow I had as a teammate... The so-called person named Pedro de la Rosa said that he hopes I'm not in Jaguar next year, that if I was a pain in the ass as a teammate, etc...

Really, I don't know what's up with the lad. He keeps saying oh, Lauda says I'm sure for 2003, oh, Lauda says that.. Doesn't he know Lauda and me got that bald, mustached American* out of Jaguar? Surely this Spaniard is much less work... after all, he's only a driver and not an owner.

As for my situation... well, I should stay at Jaguar. Jaguar has only had two freaking podiums in its history, and who was the guy that stood there in third? The sex-symbol, of course, not that little Brit** or that crashing Brazilian*** or this Latino I seem to have in my right side sometimes (I don't really know, I speak so little to him I don't think he exists anymore).
But if the Jag bosses don't decide early, I might ask ol' EJ for a job. We're old foes, and after all that Jap didn't do anything. What's two points in his home race with a souped-up Honda engine (how come all the Hondas blow up and not his??) against my heroic performances... 3rd at Monza... (nice chicks..) 4th at Melbourne (nice chicks there, too...), 6th at Spa... c'mon.
Ah, I'm sure no one will lose the opportunity to sign this mature Northern Irishman, after all, who else in the paddock is so liked by women? Surely not Michael!
See ya,


Key: *= Bobby Rahal, **= Johnny Herbert, ***= Luciano Burti
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