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The F1 Diaries' Journal

20th March, 2005. 3:06 pm. Результаты Гран-При Малайзии(vadimpetr)

Подробный отчет о сегодняшней гонке

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19th March, 2005. 8:47 pm. Новости Формулы-1(vadimpetr)

Дорогие друзья!
Сегодня на Транспортном сервере Москвы обнаружил новости Формулы-1 (http://www.mosgortrans.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2429). Выглядит очень интересно, советую почитать.

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18th April, 2004. 6:44 pm.(strangled_eve)

Ayrton Senna > all F1 pilots in the world.

Sorry, it's brazilian pride.

Current mood: high.

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8th January, 2004. 1:34 am.(carioca)

Um. I hope this community is not really dead, now is it? ;) It would be a shame, I guess.

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23rd March, 2003. 11:36 pm. secret diary of Kimi Raikkonen (post-Malaysia GP)(tinkerbell0025)

inspired by the TV unilaterals and press conference from after the race :o)

Well, here I am in the sweltering heat of Kuala Lumpur, trying to comprehend what it's like to take your first grand prix victory. Earlier in the press conference, I might have told a little lie when I said I didn't know exactly what I felt like. Believe me, when you're hot, sweating, ridiculously thirsty and you feel like you could crumple into a heap from exhaustion, it's difficult enough to say your own name. I wasn't lying when I said it'd take a couple of days for everything to sink in, but now I can at least begin to piece everything together, this whole crazy weekend. So I'll at least try and produce some sort of crude mock acceptance speech for you all :oP.

Everybody around me's been telling me that I've deserved to win a grand prix for so long, but the difference between people telling you you *deserve* to win a race and then actually doing it is unbelieveable, especially when it was so unexpected. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could win from seventh today, but there you go. Maybe a little bit of the unpredictability that used to be in Formula One could come back now - fingers crossed. And people can't ask me when I'm going to win my first race now, so that takes a little of the pressure off.

In contrast to all these thoughts whizzing around my head, everything just fitted together so well with the car and the package. The tyres were great, the pit stops were brilliant, everything seemed to work for me. I don't know what went wrong with David's car and the team aren't sure yet - just plain bad luck I suppose. But you win some, you lose some, and he was fabulous in Australia. And if we keep doing well between us it's all good for the team and the hard work they're putting in too.

Heh. On a lighter note, maybe Ron will get my name right now I've won a race. Don't get me wrong, Mika's a great friend, I just don't appreciate being muddled up with him ;o)

But really, to even finish a race like that, *everyone* deserves credit. Fernando Alonso especially. He looked so, so tired afterwards, he almost fell into Jarno's arms when he went up to give him a hug. I know he's been suffering with the flu and he told me he was gearshifting manually for the closing laps. I hope he gets the credit he deserves for the race weekend he's had. I hear ITV keep calling him 'Wonderboy' - I'll have to ask him whether he can teach me to make myself invisible from time to time.

I don't want a big fuss made of me. I've won a race now, I've got a job to do. I can't believe I got asked in the press conference by some starry-eyed journalist whether I could win the drivers' championship this season! I don't bloody well know, there's 14 more races left yet! But we're doing alright at the moment - all I can do is keep trying to win, especially when we get the new car when we go back to Europe, hopefully in about a month's time although the final date isn't set yet. Another one asked me whether I'd prefer Michael or Jacques Villeneuve for a team-mate - talk about silly questions! To be honest I didn't have a clue what he was on about so I just tried to politely ignore him by talking about David. David is a great team mate anyway - I don't see why I'd want anybody different if we're doing so well. One of the idioms I picked up living and racing in England a couple of years back was 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

that, I understand.

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6th March, 2003. 8:08 pm. The Secret Diary of Eddie Irvine(emeraldsword)

The end came much quicker than I'd expected. I knew that I was coming to the end, of course. Age works against you eventually, especially with the current fashion for young drivers, and so I knew that I probably didn't have many years left. Still, when I drove my last race for Jaguar I wasn't really expecting that to be my last race ever. I knew my position was uncertain but I thought that something would turn up, that I would just scrape by. But as Eddie Jordan ummed and ahhed, I knew that my F1 career was over.

I'm not sure whether I'm grateful for this strange end or not. It's saved me the embarrassment of a public retirement ceremony, a public swan song, so to speak. No one was talking about Eddie Irvine in Suzuka, saying 'And of course, this is his last race.' No one mourned me then because even I did not really believe I wouldn't be coming back. But then, I would have liked some of that. A public occasion when I could just say 'goodbye', a sponsored drinking opportunity and a chance to say 'Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life'. Which, of course, it is, but it isn't, which is a strange thing to say but it's how I feel. My career ended so abruptly that it almost doesn't quite seem to have stopped. No one told stories of the highlights and lowlights of my career. One day I would be racing in March, the next I wouldn't and despite having had time to prepare myself, it won't seem real until they've begun racing without me. Maybe it's leaving with dignity rather than a slow and painful decline but I don't feel dignified after scrabbling so desperately for that one remaining drive. One season more - was that really so much to ask? It obviously was.
On the other hand, of course, I don't have to do all that irritating training. I'm free to do whatever I want. If I fancy testing my luck in some other formulas then I can, if I fancy just taking it easy and trying out some other extreme sports than I can do that too, without fearing that an injury will ruin my season. I am optimistic about the future, don't get me wrong. Life's not over just because racing is, no matter how much this may sound like it is. It's just that I would have liked something else, that's all. A sentiment which, at this moment in time, seems to sum up my entire racing career.
I would have liked something else.

Current mood: pensive.

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1st January, 2003. 11:37 pm. The Diary of Ralf Schumacher(wizzby)

I know I know, haven't written in this little thing for a while, and to be honest haven't felt like it. Sure, I might say in the press that I'm happy about how season 2002 panned out, but really I'm not. Juan finished ahead of me, what more can I say. Notice though I didn't say he BEAT me, because I don't think he did. In a lot of cases the car really let me down, engine failures, air pressure, fuel hoses! All beyond my control and nothing you can do except keep your chin up. There are times though, after the nth retirement, where your chin starts to drop. I think I'm at that stage right about now. I know I can beat Juan, I really do, yet I seem to be the only person who thinks so. Well, not the only one, Mum does of course, and Dad, Michael too, and Cora, David probably would if he even understood what it is that I do. But all those people are close to me, and while their opinions matter dearly to me, they also have a biased opinion. Of course they think I'm better than Juan, but to me, the people who's opinions really matter to me, are Frank and Patrick. Without their support I will never succeed. Willi says their just crazy backing Montoya for the title, and they should be behind me, but just saying that isn't going to make it happen. I have to do something. I have to go out there and prove everyone wrong, the media, the "experts", the teams, everyone!

Current mood: determined.

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20th October, 2002. 6:19 pm. The Secret Diary Of David Coulthard(the_mikey_h)

That's it, the end of another disappointing season. I can remember back to before Australia, I did an interview with ITV. They asked me about my thoughts of the chances for taking the world championship. I said I thought I had a chance, but didn't know if I could be Michael Schumacher. Well the former was absolutely wrong, and the latter happened once. Only once out of a whole damn year. The season seemed like a roller coaster, it started crap, got better and went crap again. More downs than ups.

I'm now at my hotel in Monte Carlo. Just being lazy and relaxing. Its been a long season and I think I deserve some time to rest. All the testing, racing and advertising work. Simeone isn't here at the moment, she had to go do some important work in Paris, but will be joining me here tommorow. I can't wait and wrap my arms around her again.

In the meantime I have nothing to do. So I guess I could just write about this season.



The anticipation of the new season was upon everyone. I was looking forward to it. A new campaign for the World Championship in the brand new MP4-17. Qualified 4th because the rain came and stopped everyone from doing decent times.
I got a good start and moved to the inside past Michael. But infront of me Ralf was going way too fast and hit the back of Rubens. Carnage then occured, but due to being on the inside and 3rd I was able to just get round the corner and have the lead. I thought I could go onto winning that race. I was pulling away after the safety car went in, but Trulli made a mistake and crashed which brought it back out closing the gap again. Good turned to bad then, when my car developed it mechanical failures which ended up making me retire. Damn and I was leading.


Qualified behind Kimi. Retired ealy on with engine cock up.


This was better. Decent qualifying, ahead of Kimi again. I finally got my points total off the ground with 3rd place. Boring race really, no overtaking or anything.

San Marino

This race really showed me that we were in for a terrible season and it be so hard to pull upto anywhere close to Ferrari. My car in the race was just crap. I coudlnt get the car setup all weekend. Though 1 point in the end for 6th. It was a complete boredom affair, and got annyoing when Michael lapped me. I'm in a McLaren and getting lapped!? Something was not right.


A copy-cat of the Brazil race. 3rd in boredom, except when I put a move on Button into turn 1 which I enjoyed. That was more like racing, not testing.


Result the same as at Imola. But 2 things everyone remembers the race for. After the safety car period I was trying to get past Nick Heidfeld around the outside of turn 2. When a Minardi ahead locked its brakes and Nick spun and flew forward across the corner and collected the side of Sato's car. I saw it all, and it was bloody big. I wasn't sure if he was gonna ok, but fortunatly he only druised his legs.
The other thing we all remember was the team orders by Ferrari. Schumacher is a mileahead int he championship and they still order Rubens to lose. Ferrari shoot themselves int he foot PR wise there. I lost some more respect for that team, though there wasnt much there beforehand.



The highlight of my and McLaren's season. Out Mercedes engine was slow, but at Monaco it didn't matter. I knew This was gonna be my chance coming into the weekend. Qualifying was real good, my best of the season. Though I was dissappointed to not get pole in the end, front row was the target. Last year off the warmup lap start my car stalled with the stupid launch control back then. But this year the team had turned it around.
I saw the lights going out and pressed the button hard, and Juan got a poor start which I took advantage of. Moved ahead infront of him and took Sainte Devote first. I kept the lead the whole way through the race, never touched a barrier at all. Though my tires went on and off and the car had an oil problem that was well fixed by Adrian. I was able to take the car home to the checkered flag. Best race all season for me and I will remember it for a long time. Better than the win here in 2000.



After the win in Monaco I was full of confidense going to Montreal. Though my results in the past wern't so good, I felt I could do well. Qualifying sucked unfortunatly, and I was down in 8th. Disaster.
But up came my 2nd best race of the year. Great start, upto 6th behind Kimi and Ralf who were battling it out. My strategy was to run about 4-5 laps longer into the race than Kimi on a 1 stop. This also helped if safety cars came into it. It would close down on the 2 stoppers which ended up as Juan and Rubens.
Before my pit stop I put in some good consistant laps which let me get out the pits ahead of Kimi. That left only Michael, Rubens and Juan ahead. Michael was too far ahead though. Juan's engine blew I heard on my radio, which gave me 3rd. But Rubens had to pit again, only 28 seconds odd ahead... I kept pushing and to my reward, Rubens came out the pits behind! I was second with 15 laps to go, Rubens tried getting past me once but we both crrossed the chicane so I kept the advantage. 2nd, 16 points from 2 races. Nice.


I was on for 3rd place, ahead of Kimi and closing on the Williams quickly. But Juan had other ideas, he refused to concede the position and made a mistake which took me out the race. At lest he apologised after.


My home GP which I was looking forawrd to. Unfortunatly the Michelin guys weren't with their poor performance and inconsistantcy in the rain. I took a risk and stayed on the drys when it rained, but it didn't pay off. 4 pit stops later where the wrong tires were put on and off, fuel couldn't get in the car. I finished 10th.


Ahh one of my favourite tracks on the calendar. Won in 2000, I could have done the saem this year. But a lame qualifying got in the way. I was able to keep with the Williams' and after passing Ralf with the pits I was 3rd behind Kimi and Michael. But a drive-thru penalty made me lose time and lose the chance to fight for first. Damn why did I have to touch that white line, even though the Schumi's did it too. Kimi was unlucky to not win that race. He will in the future I reckon.


Modified track for the worse. It was also crap for our car as we were much slower then Williams and McLaren. 5th in the end was better then nothing. But a boring race of lapping on my own.


This isn't exactly a track which anyone would associate with excitment. But after a completely terrible qualifying session I had to start 10th. We had the pace for Sunday though. The start me and Kimi flew and gained a couple of places, but I was behind Nick after lap one. Though at the start of lap 2 I got him on the inside of turn 1 which was crucial to my race, to not be stuck behind the German. I was behind Kimi all the way unil I went over the grass at one point. At the end after out stops we finished 4th and 5th which was exciting for a days racing. Unlike some of the races game and to come.


Well what can I say? Boring. This great circuit that has been modified a bit for the worse. Even La Source isn't as good no more, it is so simple to take flat out. Finished 4th behind Juan.


This was frustrating, but at least something happened. Lost my front wing at turn 1 on the back of imi after he swerved infront of me. Pitted for a new wing and raced for a points finish for the rest of it. I had a good time getting past Giancarlo for 7th. But I coudlnt catch Panis for 6th.


A good performance for myself. I qualified 3rd behidn the 2 Ferrari's which I knew I woudlnt have a chance of beating. Maintained my pace for the whole thing to get a good podium finish and 4 points. Though like a consistancy test of trying to stay focused, the traffic was the biggest challenge.


The season ended as it started. Mechanical failure. Again I qualified 3rd and looked good to finish 3rd in the race. But the car let me down again for my 4th retirement of the season. Pretty good relability record, but it isn't good enough since Michael finished every race - on the podium. Damn.

Overall this season has had its moments, but its been just dissappointing. Its mostly bee driving around on my own. Ferrari broke all the records. At least I came out with one. The only person to beat the F2002 and win a race.

Next year should be better. It has to be. I am hoping Adrian and the rest of the team can give me a car to fight Michael again like the early part of 2001.

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19th October, 2002. 6:27 pm. The Private diary of Edmund Irvine(jordi)

Well today I woke up and read Autosport. I saw an ad with a nice looking babe, which got me happy early, but then I saw some quotes pronounced by that fellow I had as a teammate... The so-called person named Pedro de la Rosa said that he hopes I'm not in Jaguar next year, that if I was a pain in the ass as a teammate, etc...

Really, I don't know what's up with the lad. He keeps saying oh, Lauda says I'm sure for 2003, oh, Lauda says that.. Doesn't he know Lauda and me got that bald, mustached American* out of Jaguar? Surely this Spaniard is much less work... after all, he's only a driver and not an owner.

As for my situation... well, I should stay at Jaguar. Jaguar has only had two freaking podiums in its history, and who was the guy that stood there in third? The sex-symbol, of course, not that little Brit** or that crashing Brazilian*** or this Latino I seem to have in my right side sometimes (I don't really know, I speak so little to him I don't think he exists anymore).
But if the Jag bosses don't decide early, I might ask ol' EJ for a job. We're old foes, and after all that Jap didn't do anything. What's two points in his home race with a souped-up Honda engine (how come all the Hondas blow up and not his??) against my heroic performances... 3rd at Monza... (nice chicks..) 4th at Melbourne (nice chicks there, too...), 6th at Spa... c'mon.
Ah, I'm sure no one will lose the opportunity to sign this mature Northern Irishman, after all, who else in the paddock is so liked by women? Surely not Michael!
See ya,


Key: *= Bobby Rahal, **= Johnny Herbert, ***= Luciano Burti

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5th October, 2002. 1:57 pm. The Secret Diary of Alex Yoong(emeraldsword)

I am sooooo happy! I was in front of Ralf Schumacher! I was racing in front of a
Williams! OK, so technically he was only there because he spun into his team mate
and knocked off his rear wing, but I was racing in front of a Williams! I
There were two whole cars behind me at one
point! Who knows where I might have finished? I was the only Minardi running for
a time. And my exit from the race wasn't my fault either - the engine blew up (and
did it so much more dramatically than the engine in Kimi's car too!) If it wasn't for
the car, I could have had a shot at the points that time! Goooooo me!

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